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Ordovician sediments on the Kotuy River
Ben and Roma, ultra-cool field geologists

Mosquito Quotient: 17
Number of Laxatives Still in Play: 16
Rock Skipping Record: Ben, 13
Average Temperature in the Sun: 80 degrees (!!)
Campfires Built:1
Giant Flesh-Eating Bee-flies Killed Inside Seth’s Tent: 3
Number of Time Seth has Cursed About the...

You may have noticed, if you have been following the blog posts, that the last three were long and a bit out of order. We typed them on our field computer, and then Volodia obtained permission for us to use the internet at Polar Expeditions in Khatanga. Which turned out to mean that we had to...

When Volodia went to retrieve the rafts, which were stored for the winter here in Khatanga, he discovered that the owner of the storage shed had piled caribou and fish on top of the rafts and then forgotten about them; for the entire season.  It has been warm here for quite a while. The rafts...

We have decided to add some statistics to our blog posts in order to convey the state of the expedition in a nutshell. These will be updated as conditions change.

Mosquito Quotient (equal to the number of mosquitoes you can kill with one slap): 4*
Number of mosquitoes eaten: Ben 4...

At midnight in Khatanga it is sunny and hot. Great for tanning, bad for sleeping.

 We flew in on a two-propeller cargo plane from Krasnoyarsk to Khatanga. A substantial portion of the cargo space was devoted to our expedition’s gear: duffels of food, canvas bags with raft parts, backpacks...