Expedition Blog

17Jul 2009
The town of Kayak, arctic Siberia.
Seth Burgess (left) and Ben Black (right) having lunch on an outcrop by the Kuto

The last couple of days have seen us finishing our geology in the upriver sections and traveling on the Siberian Sloops many hours downriver to the village of Kayak. The journey to our temporary home, where the helicopter will come to take us to the Maymecha river, was mighty long. The majority...

It is dangerous to walk into the hallway outside our room in Kayak. This is where the residents of the town loiter, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Americans. “Amerikanski! Amerikanski!” they cry. Then they grab us by the arm and start talking to us rapidly in booming Russian. The subject is...

Fish Caught: Ben, one, Pike, 24 inches, fried
Seth, one, Pike, 23.999 inches, souped
Rafts Inflated: 5
Rafts Deflated*: 2.2
Rafts Deflated Accidentally: 2.2 (Anton’s raft was extremely deflated, we’re counting it extra)
Mosquito Quotient Max: 28

Note: This is an inflatable, affordable, packable Russian boat, subjected to the travails of rocky rivers and many kilograms of baggage and rock samples, not one of the sleek packable canoes offered by our sponsor, Pakboats.

Flat-lying lavas outcrop in a cliff on the Kotuy river, arctic Siberia.

Over the past four days, we have boated, hiked, or boated/hiked to some amazing outcrops of the oldest Siberian Traps volcanics exposed in the Kotuy River valley. These flows and tuffs are extremely important because: (1) determining the age of these rocks would help constrain the time when...