Expedition Blog

17Jul 2012
Sediments under lavas in a quarry up the hill from Tura
A thick sill overlooking the Nizhnaya Tunguska river
View from my guest house window in Tura

It’s 10:00 at night, it’s bright out, and the town is still active outside
my guesthouse window. Today we used a big truck of a kind I call a miner’s
truck, though I am not sure what it’s really called, to get around in the
hills outside Tura and see the local section of...

Malashok up the cliff, with Roma and Alex rescuing him
Malashok and his boy, Artiom
Afternoon tea on the boat
200 m of tuff
Camping by the swamp

Wah hah hah hah hah! We have taken control of the gods of technology and we have bent them to our wills. The laptop now speaks to the satellite phone, and the satellite phone speaks to the internet, and the internet speaks to our colleague Ben Black back at MIT, and he posts here.


15Jul 2012

Good news: our boat is now fixed and we are traveling eastward along the river.

Today, we found two outstanding outcrops that gave us a good look at the base of the Siberian Traps sequence in this area. They were tuffs: lithified, poorly sorted explosive deposits that resemble the early...

15Jul 2012

We set out this morning from Tura in a steel-hulled boat belonging to the local rescue service, siren included. It’s a nice big boat, perhaps 35 feet, run by Piotr, Dima, a little boy who is almost certainly Dima’s son, and a butterscotch-coloured husky named Malashok. Dog’s parentage is...

Moscow to Krasnoyarsk to Tura

Our final destination for the first leg of the plane-based travel is Tura.  from here it's up the Lower Tunguska river by boat.