Heading home

Early in the morning we will take a taxi to Kranoyarsk, and with any luck, fly with our samples from there to Moscow, to Paris, and finally to Washington for me, and Boston for Seth. Though there is one more opportunity for blog-worthy drama, in the airport clearing Russian customs, there will be no photos. Here I leave you with one parting shot of the beauty of Siberia and the Siberian flood basalts, followed by seven shots of pipes in the Noril'sk and Talnakh area, as threatened in the last blog.

Starting Tuesday, Volodia, Roma, and Anton will be in Moscow measuring the direction of the Earth's magnetic north in these samples at the time of the lava eruption, Seth will be in Cambridge crusing his samples and extracting zircons to determine the exact age of the rocks, and I will be in Washington preparing the samples for compositional analysis.  (And we will be doing this bleary-eyed and on a strange schedule, since we are acclimated to a time zone 12 hours from EDT.)

My most heartfelt thanks to Volodia Pavlov, Roma Veselovskiy, and Anton Latyshev. Though this is almost certainly the last trip we will take to Siberia under this grant (it is our fifth), there are many geologic questions in our future, no doubt.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation's Continental Dynamics program, directed by Leonard Johnson. How amazing it is to live in a time and place where we can investigate these big questions about the Earth and life on Earth!

And now...a last late dinner in Krasnoyarsk, at 15'58. I recommend their salted and pickled fish.

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